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Spend enough time in this city. Barcelona is one of the big cities like London or Paris. It is one of these cities in which you have a lot to see and do, and not enough time for it in just one or two days. Especially in a hectic Euro-trip, try to plan enough time to tour Barcelona properly and actually enjoy it!

Visit ParkGüell. This park is Gaudi’s creation as a result of his great imagination. It is located on the el Carmel hill of Barcelona – this means: be ready to climb up and down. There are several entrances, but maybe the best is to take the metro to the top, enter there and then walk down to the main entrance. The park has beautiful organic architectural pieces like the gingerbread houses, elephant-like columns, the stairs decorated with an alligator fountain on the handrail, and mosaic benches in beautiful shapes on the main terrace that overlooks Barcelona and the bayside.

Take the funicular to Montjuic. From the harbor, you can take a funicular to the top of the hill –just check with the locals in order to go to the right funicular, since some of the entrances are closed at times. Up from Montjuic you will enjoy a stunning view of Barcelona’s harbor. You can also visit the ancient fortress, the constructions for the 1929’s universal exhibition –including the National Palace- and the Montjuic Olympic Stadium, which hosted the 1992’s Olympic Games.

Visit La Pedrera and Casa Batlló. Also Gaudi’s Works, these two buildings are worth a visit and the rental of the audio-guide to fully enjoy the experience. While most people visit La Pedrera claiming that it’s cheaper, locals advice to visit Batlló also –or even instead-. Moreover, in Batlló, the audio-guide is included in the price of the ticket. Of course you have to visit the SagradaFamilia’s Church as well.

Treat yourself at MercatBoquería. The Boquería Market is a traditional market in Barcelona offering fruits, vegetables, seafood, wines, candy and much more. It is a beautiful place to visit, with lots of colors, smells and tastes. Double check the prices not to be charged “tourist-rates”. 

Stroll down “Las Ramblas”. This is a pedestrian tree-lined street that extends over 1,2 kilometers from BarriGòtic to El Raval. It goes from the PlaçaCatalunya(Catalunya Square) in the centre of Barcelona to the Christopher Columbus monument located at Port Vell, right in front of the harbor. Also a good area to book your hotel in Barcelona

Spend some time in BarriGòtic. It is the gothic quarter in Barcelona, and located in the city center. Its labyrinth street – plan preserves a lot of medieval buildings of which the main ones are: Church of SantMiquel, Cathedral of Santa Eulàlia,Church of Santa Maria del Pi, Basilica of La Mercè,PlaçaReial, Portal de l'Àngel, Plaça de SantFelipNeri, ElsQuatre Gats andremains of the temple of Augustus. You can also visit the cityy’s history museum, Museud'Història de la Ciutat de Barcelona in Plaça del Rei, or the city hall (Casa de la Ciutat) and the presidential palace (Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya) in PlaçaSantJaume. To get there you can use metro L4 to station Jaume I or metro L3 to stations Drassanes or Liceu. Hotels in Gothic Quarter offer also good deals.

If you are a soccer fan, visit Camp Nou. Then Nou Camp, as it’s called in English, is the home of Futbol Club Barcelona (FC Barcelona, also known as Barça). It is the largest stadium in Europe, with 99,354 seats.

Enjoy nightlife in El Raval district. This is one of the neighborhoods in the CiutatVella (Old City) area of Barcelona, informally known as the Chinatown or Barrixinès of the city. Currently home to a diverse immigrant community (Pakistanis, Indonesians, Eastern Europeans especially Romanians), it is also a place to visit at night. The streets of El Raval are full of bars, restaurants and night spots, which blend with El Raval’s past of cabarets, prostitution and crime.

Get a transportation card. Probably a day pass will suit you best if you are only visiting Barcelona for a short period. If you will be there longer, try to get a pass valid for more days. These passes are not expensive and easily pay off in big cities like Barcelona, with attractions spread in all different parts of town.


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