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Nightlife Barcelona

Join the intense and diverse nightlife of Barcelona.

Nightlife - Barcelona
Nightlife - Barcelona
Nightlife - Barcelona
Nightlife - Barcelona

Barcelona is a bursting city, full of life and with a young spirit. Doesn’t matter which night of the week it is, there is always something to do in Barcelona. Its bars, pubs, nightclubs and music venues always have parties and special activities to enjoy.

Bars for example, cover different styles of menus, prices and activities, so it is impossible not to find the ideal one for you.

Some of the most well known of each style are:

La Clandestina: In this bar customers not only can have drinks and tapas. They could smoke narguile (shisha) as well or receive a massage on their head. Undoubtedly, a very original option at the Gothic neighborhood.

Café que pone muebles Navarro: A bohemian environment bar in Raval that keeps permanent art exhibitions.

Muy Buenas Bar: The paradise of intellectuals, besides its excellent drinks, this 19th century bar offers live music spectacles and poetry lectures.

Sinatra: One of the favorites of foreign visitors who come attracted by its non orthodox decoration and the 80´s music played at the bar.

If you are looking for good music and a relaxing atmosphere in Barcelona you can try:

Miramelindo: This is a crowded tavern, with a bohemian style. It is one of the best jazz and soul venues.

Vaixell Luz de Gas: Stylish and original, this bar is settled on the deck of a ship anchored in the Moll of Barcelona. There you can enjoy the relaxing view while listening to some dance music.

Quilombo: A very special bar where besides having a drink, visitors could play their own music and try the place’s instruments.

Dietrich Gay Teatro Café: Soft house music and Drag Queens shows are offered on this wonderful place mixture of bar and theatre.

El Bosc de las Fades: This pub is famous due to its literally fantastic environment. Decorated as a fairy tale scene, visitors find themselves transported to a magical world.

Casa Almirall: This ancient bar founded in 1860 is a witness of Barcelona’s history and attracts many customers of all kinds.

Síncopa: Near Tripi square, this is the ideal venue for those who enjoy Grunge music.

Both bars and pubs remain open until around 2 or 3 am, with some special  exceptions. So if you are looking for a place where to dance till dawn you should better go to one of the several amazing nightclubs of Barcelona.

Here is a small list to mention only a few:

Razzma Tazz: One of the most visited dancing venues in the city it has a dance floor for all tastes. There is a room for electronic, other for rock and indie, other for soul and another one for techno pop.

Club Fellini: A club with a varied style, the music depends on the day of the week. On its different dance floors you can listen to rock, dance, disco and house.

Jamboree: Live music nightclub where everything from hip hop to blues can be danced.

Antilla BCN: Cuban rhythms have landed to stay in this unique style club. For those who dare lessons are imparted.

Metro: Excellent music and varied shows at this gay nightclub.

Velvet: Retro nightclub with a carefully designed decoration, it plays music from the sixties, seventies and eighties.

Pacha: The worldwide famous macro nightclub is one of the preferred ones of Barcelona’s night, especially among young people and electronic music lovers. It also attracts some of the best DJ’s.

Up and Down: If you are willing to listen to the Spanish hits of the moment this is the perfect place to go, since national music and revival are the preferred styles at this nightclub.
Barcelona’s nightlife is very active all along the year, but during festival times it is definitely a dream for night lovers with special events are parties being organized almost anywhere and lots of people moving around. The most well known local festivals are: Primavera Sound (a music festival with national and international figures celebrated in late May or June); Sónar (electronic festival celebrated in June); Summercase (rock and pop festival where great international bands usually perform); International Jazz Festival (celebrated in different clubs in November).

For more information about Barcelona's nightlife and tourism in Spain, contact us  and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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