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Parties Spain

Join the colorful and cheerful parties of Spain.

Parties in Spain - San Fermines
Parties in Spain - Tomatina Food Fight
Parties in Spain - San Juan
Parties in Spain - Ibiza

Spain has a great tradition of parties and popular celebrations. Either for religious, traditional or commercial reasons, Spainiards always find something to celebrate and they do it with style.

Here come some of the most popular and famous Spanish parties:

San Fermines: Every July, the city of Pamplona honors the Patron Saint of Navarre with an entire week of “fiesta”. Recognized as one of the best celebrations in the world, the Sanfermines attract more than 2 million people every year. The most iconic activity are the “encierros”, a race against the bulls along the narrow streets of Pamplona’s ancient neighborhood that finishes in the bullring. There are encierros everydays finishing with the release of brave heifers in the bullring. Along the eight days of celebration, the streets are full of life and music, with public concerts, entertainning parades, a procession in honor to San Fermin, a firework spectacle and lot of bar activities.

Tomatina: Every year in August, the population of Buñol in Valencia rememorates a fight that ocurred in 1944 during a summer parade, when several youths started a war using the tomatoes of the street market as weapons. Nowadays the city government brings trucks full of tomatoes which are thrown among participants who will fight with them for about an hour. This party is part of the Buñol’s party week.

San Juan: The worlwide celebrated San Juan’s night, celebrating the arrival of the summer and honoring Saint John is a very important party in Spain. The way of celebrating varies very much from one region to the other, but a common element is the fires turned around where people join. In some places as in Catalonia they burn old clothes and furniture, in others students burn the notes of the recently finished terms, and in places such as Galicia it is considered good luck to jump over the fires. In Alicante there is a great display for San Juan which is celebrated for various days.

Summer Parties: During the summer all seaside towns organize different parties, either at the street or in public parks. Discos also have an extense party calendar during the season with different tematic parties each day. Ibiza is by far the city with most night activity during the summer. Some of the world’s most exclusive discos are setted here and even though electronic music ones are the majority, there are discos and parties to suit all tastes. Mallorca is also a high venue with daily parties that attract some of the best DJ’s in the world.

Other not to miss parties are: Holly Week (with celebrations in all the country but with really important parades in Seville and Malaga); Carnival (Cadiz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife make the difference in this party); Valencian Fallas; Malaga’s August Fair (a celebration of andalucian culture); San Isidro (party in honour of Madrid’s Patron).

For more information about parties or other attractions in Spain, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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