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The 3 Best Places to go Deep Sea Fishing in Spain

Fishing is one of the most popular past times in the UK and to enthusiasts there is nothing better than heading out on the open water to see whether the catch of the day will be big enough to make a nice evening meal! But let’s face it, bar a few days a year, the weather is often too gloomy and the waters can be a bit choppy for an enjoyable sea fishing experience in the UK, especially for novices. 

If you long for somewhere where the waters are calmer, the sun is always out and the fish in the sea are as exotic as they are tasty, consider Spain holidays.
Costa Blanca :
From towns and cities such as Alicante, where tourists are found all year round, it is possible to charter a boat and take to the seas in search of big catches. Those who stay close to the shore are only likely to catch bream and bass, which if perfect if this is what you set out to catch but if you want some higher octane fishing, the Mediterranean Sea is the best place to cast off. In the open seas you could be lucky enough to catch some tuna, grey mullet and mackerel. The Costa Blanca coast is a popular place to fish for people on Spain holidays, so there are plenty of tourist geared excursions available if you do not have the luxury of owning your own boat!
The waters surrounding the Balearic island of Majorca have long been known as some of the best fishing grounds in the whole of the Mediterranean, which is why you should try it for yourself if you find yourself in this part of the world. Like the Costa Blanca, there are many special fishing tours you can book onto. One area, located around 20 nautical miles north of the island, is known as an excellent tuna fishing ground and if you head here you are almost guaranteed a catch! If you would rather wade into the sea up to your knees and cast off, you can expect to catch scorpion fish, painted comber, rainbow wraffe, red mullet and grouper amongst others. Many people often take holidays to Majorca just to experience the fishing opportunities, so feel free to join them!
Canary Islands:
Although the Canaries are located off the west coast of Africa, they are officially a part of Spain and offer ample opportunities for keen fishermen. In fact, the Canaries are famed for the number of big game fish that can be caught - Atlantic Blue Marlin, Big Eye Tuna, Shark, Wahoo, and Dorado are all regularly caught so there is plenty to keep you interested. One of the biggest advantages of fishing in the Canary Island is the weather – it is warm all year round, which means whether you visit in December or August, you can head out to sea with the sun beating down on your back as you relax and wait for the next bite. 

If you are a keen angler or fishing is something that you feel has to be experienced when on cheap holidays, Spain has plenty of options. Just pick a spot on the coast or near its islands and see what is lurking in the depths below. Whilst fishing out at sea will allow you to catch the bigger fish, coastal fishing is just as popular and a good way to start if you are not too experienced. Fishing tours are popular and a lot more budget friendly than hiring your own boat so look into these when you arrive at the fishing destination of your choice!

Written by Ricky Durrance for Beat the Brochure. 


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