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Explosive holidays for volcano enthusiasts

If soaking up sunshine and culture just isn’t enough for your holiday itinerary, then why not consider visiting one of nature’s most unpredictable and dangerous wonders – volcanoes? Not only are volcanoes themselves steeped in exciting history, but the evidence of their destruction makes for an interesting holiday destination, too. Here are some volcanoes from around the world that are worth visiting: 


This is the oldest Canary Island, and was formed as a result of volcanic activity. Despite not having any active volcanoes, the island’s volcanic history is evident in its landscape, so the presence of volcanoes is all-pervasive and fascinating to see.  

The last volcanic eruption on the island was somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago, and the eruption that led to the creation of the majority of the landscape dates back around 20 millions years ago. 

Fuerteventura's scenery is often described as amazing and if you’re interested in volcanoes, it’s a great holiday destination, if only to see for yourself the potential of the power of volcanoes, as the product of their monumental eruptions is in abundance. 

All volcano lovers should book an all inclusive holiday to Fuerteventura and a volcano excursion alongside it. 


Mount Etna in Sicily



Located underneath Italy, Sicily is famous for its volcano, Mount Etna. This volcano is a must-see for anyone who likes volcanoes and is Europe’s highest active volcano. Not only is its recorded history older than any other volcano, it also has over 400 craters. 

Mount Etna never ceases to amaze - every time it erupts there are thousands of stunning photos that ensue to feed our imaginations, and its last eruption in January 2011 was no exception. 

If exploring volcanoes is a favourite holiday activity for you, then Sicily is the place to be. Referred to by the ancient Greeks as the ‘God of fire’, over 1200 square meters of Etna's surface is covered with solidified lava. This is definitely not the holiday to forget your camera.  


Mount Vesuvius in Italy



This volcano is world-famous for its 24-hour eruption on the unsuspecting population of the nearby town of Pompeii, preserving a moment on a freeze-frame. Vesuvius is the only active volcano in mainland Europe, and has produced some of the continent’s most explosive eruptions. Italy offers tours that combine trips to the partially buried Pompeii and Vesuvius. 


Shishaldin Volcano in Unimak Island, Alaska


Since its first eruption in 1775, Shishaldin has seen over 25 eruptions, and unlike any other volcanoes it has several small cones erupting from different parts of the slope as well.  The location of this volcano is quite remote, but luckily this glacier-clad mountain is worth just seeing from a distance. 

Definitely one for the thrill seekers, this moderately active volcano is under constant monitoring since its last eruption in 1999. It has seen several small volcanic earthquakes over the last decade, and can often be heard rumbling. 

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