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Freewheeling the City of Angels

Los Angeles, we’ve heard so much about it, it’s shown on most Television series and there’s even a movie about it. So what’s so special about it? Well, pack your bags and prepare your ESTA visa for some joyful free wheeling in the City of Angels. Los Angeles is not just your typical city, it’s a sprawling city with massive traffic and its roads are packed with attention grabbing Mustangs and other supercars. Helluva ride, LA is indeed a fantastic city having all your entertainment needs, sort of.
The best time to visit the city is between November and May to help yourself from inhaling toxic fumes from the smog, didn’t I mention the traffic. Nonetheless, LA is a year-round travel destination, although it peaks from July through September, you know the drill, prices skyrocket like on any other world famous travel destinations. Mind you, you wouldn’t want to experience the smog but if you ache for some greater LA fun, chances are that you have to brave it. The city is simply mesmerizing, from fast cars to really spectacular shops; the likes of Santa Monica Place Mall, makes LA shopping a premium shopping destination known in the world over.
Most newbie travelers have the Hollywood tourist sites on their list, I mean who hasn’t, seeing one of them drive their sports car down the road could be a fulfilling experience to most movie buffs. If you don’t mind the traffic which is still better than going around with the bus, you can rent a car to make the most of your greater LA experience. You can directly head to many famous Hollywood landmarks such as the ever popular Hollywood signage, the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Bowl just to name a few.
Traveling with your family couldn’t be more fun as visiting LA during the Halloween in Hollywood, it’s complete with exciting stuff such as Haunted Houses, mazes and most importantly the children friendly events. Experience thrill with interactive horror theater, perhaps this is the best time to get closer to your date.
If you’re not much of a movie fun and of course not sharing the Hollywood craze, LA’s museums are probably the right places for you to visit. This time when selfie is almost synonymous to 21st century lifestyle, getting your picture taken with the splendid architecture and arts in LA museums in the background is indeed something to be proud of. For the bulk of popular museums, head straight to downtown LA. There you can find the Wells Fargo Museum and some more Hollywood inspired artistry, The GRAMMY Museum. There are also more art materials in Pasadena, the popular Pasadena Museum of History and the Huntington.
Of course it wouldn’t be fair without some grandiose water fun. Malibu has it all from beaches to oceanside restaurants. Another interesting fact about Malibu is its wineries so if you think you have a connoisseur taste, visit the wine tasting rooms.
Wait there’s more, your ESTA visa won’t be wasted from your LA tour. Have more fun at Disneyland, and bring out the inner child in you. You’ll go home energized beaming with more passion and creativity.

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