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7 Cool and Sober Activities for Your Ibiza Holiday

Ibiza happens to be one of the best destinations for people who are planning a vacation to Spain.  No one can deny that Ibiza holidays would be very welcome whether you are young or old. There seems to be an endless number of activities that you can do while you are here. You can rest assured that your vacations in this Spanish island will be full of unexpected twists and exciting encounters. Here are some of the best things to do while spending time in this place:

1. Follow a trail. UNESCO has declared Ibiza to be one of the best places to appreciate biodiversity as it is one of the finest examples of how marine and coastal ecosystems can create such beauty. You will surely lose yourself while you are taking a walk here. Plus, the exercise will do wonders for you. 

2. Take the time to appreciate the Sunset. Wherever you are in the world, sunsets would always be a part of your day but there are places where the setting of the sun is more picturesque and Ibiza happens to be one of those places. If you are planning to wait for the sun to set, it would be great to wait it out in Café del Mar. Doing this sober would be great but sunsets with a bottle of cava would be most welcome.

3. Go for a moonlight stroll. Undeniably, Ibiza opening parties are reputed to be wild, hot and interesting especially for the younger generation. But, those who are not into clubbing would still find something awesome to do such as taking a walk under the light of the moon. At night, Ibiza looks really different and you will gain a better appreciation of the magnificence of the place when you are not drunk and too fed up from partying all night.

4. Hit the smaller coves and islands around the island. Ibiza is not just an island which is perfect for those who are into the party scheme; it is also perfect for those who are into adventurous trips. With smaller islands nearby such as Formentera, you will definitely enjoy the beaches which can be found in the area. Plus, almost all beaches in the islands are beautiful, so you will surely have a grand time while hitting the beach.

5. Tour the Enclosed Mini-City Dalt Vila. One UNESCO World Heritage Site that you should be sure to visit while you are in Ibiza is Dalt Vila or Upper Town. Within the confines of a castle’s old fortress, you would definitely relish the chance to explore the Upper Town. You can tour the convents, pretty plazas, cathedrals, restaurants and museums along the city’s cobbled streets. Part of the city feels like Andalusia and there are also times when you will feel like real royalty looking over your land. 

6. Visit Mercadillos Hippie. A hippie market is one of the places that you should experience at least once when you are in Ibiza. There’s so much that you can buy from this shopping heaven from handmade jewelry to flowing white dresses. Each day of the week, markets are opened and among the most famous ones is San Carlos which is open on Saturdays and Es Canar on Wednesdays. 

7. Sample the Country’s Culinary Treats. Wherever you may be, one of the things that you have to do is try the local dishes. It would be quite unfortunate if you do not get the chance to sample the yummy homemade delicacies here in Ibiza.

Ibiza is known to be one of the prime destinations for clubbing and partying but there’s so much that you can do which will not require hard drinking and staying up all night.

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